2019 Exhibit and Competition

The Violin Makers Association of British Columbia is organizing an instrument exhibit and competition to be held March 23rd at the UBC School of Music building. To participate please fill in the expression of interest below.

The exhibit provides an opportunity to highlight the quality and diversity of instruments made in British Columbia and for makers to show off their instruments including bows.

The competition portion will provide feedback to instrument makers and reward outstanding tone and craftsmanship of instruments. 

 Exhibit Entries:
Violin, Viola, Cello and bows made at any time in B.C.

  • Anyone can submit instruments to be displayed (makers, collectors, dealers, retailers)
  • No limit to entries
  • Can be old or recent
  • The instrument maker can be living or past
  • No cost other than membership required
  • Makers can accompany their instruments, and business cards and pamphlets are allowed (no signage)

Competition Entries: 
Violin, Viola, Cello, and Violin, Viola, Cello Bows made in the past 10 years in B.C.

  • Limit to 2 entries per instrument/bow type
  • Made in the past 10 years

To help understand the interest in this event and the further activities of the Violin Makers Association of BC, please help us by filling in the form below:

If you are a violin-family instrument or bow maker, please feel free to provide some feedback to us on what you would like the Violin Makers Association of BC to do for you.

For further inquiries contact Stephen.Churchill@gmail.com.