This page houses electronic copies of The Violin Makers’ Journal: The Official Publication of the Violin Makers Association of British Columbia.  This publication started in November 1957, 9 months after the club started in March.  Initally the journal was little more than monthly notes on meetings.  Over the years it expanded to include making and research articles, its distribution was international from Australia to Africa.  Its last issues was published in August 1964.  The publication ceased  due to dwindling content and funding.

Violin Association Pamphlet, Circa 1958

The Violin Maker’s Journal:

As well the association periodically produced newsletters, including the BC Sound Post from about 1992 to 2002.

Other items:

The Violin Makers Association of Arizona began in 1958 modeled on the Vancouver association.  They began a publication in August of 1958.

The success of the Vancouver and Arizona associations spawned other clubs as well.  Some that followed include:

  • The  Catgut Acoustical Society (CAS) began in 1963.  The CAS joined The Violin Society of America in 2004 as the CAS Forum.
  • The Southern California Association of Violin Makers in the September of 1964
  • The Violin Society of America began in 1973

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